Our Canvas Art breaks down into two categories:

Canvas Giclee: Textured canvas wrapped paintings are signed by the artist, delivered ready to hang. Derived from the French word “to spray”, this process renders a digital reproduction of an original piece of artwork. Each image is then “hand-embellished” with a variety of artistic textures which add to the look and feel of an authentic hand painted piece of artwork. Final sealing provides UV protection and lasting beauty. *Textures defined below

Original hand paintings: Works of art that are painted by our seasoned in-house staff of fine artist. Signature included. Certificate of Authenticity included. All paintings come with 1.5″ stretcher bar unless otherwise specified. Overall size may vary according to painting. Paintings arrive ready to hang. All originals are shipped insured.

Texture Finish Options: (Request sample)


Knife Gel: This finish is put on with an artist knife rather than a brush to give it an authentic look of the original. Please take note that all the artwork has a texture unless you request a matte canvas finish.

Custom Knife Gel: Additional gel added by hand to achieve a dense, raised appearance. 15% upcharge. Hand Embellished: This process involves adding additional brush strokes of actual paint to the surface of the Giclee to bring depth, color and further enhance the authentic feel of the piece.

Marble Glaze: An acrylic based lacquer is hand applied over a series of layers, allowing for curing time between each coat. The result is a unique antiqued crackle that adds a distinct and aged look to the artwork.

Crackle: A finish that is applied to the canvas and dries with a natural crackle in the artwork.

Image Gel: Strokes that follow the path of the original image.

Texture Gel: A finish is applied to the canvas and dries with a natural crackle in the artwork.

Matte: No texture applied.