• What are shipping costs for large paintings?

    • Our large paintings ship on pallets.
      Each pallet can hold up to 5 paintings.
      Each pallet cost $250.
      Each Painting cost $70 (up to $250 per pallet).
  • How can I buy artwork?

    To buy artwork please contact Corey Schulz at 19257862772 or email at cschulzdes@yahoo.com

  • Do you have a store where I can see the paintings?

    Yes, you can see Art Haus paintings along with five additional Art Haus books, in a display under the center island.  Paintings hang throughout the showroom.  You may request frame and texture samples.

    Design Haus 1539 North Main Street, Walnut Creek www.DesignHaus.US

    Hours: M-F 10-6pm Sat-Sun 11-4pm

  • Where are canvases art paintings made?

    Paintings are created in southern California; environmentally responsible and made to order.

  • Do you offer custom sizes?

    Yes. You can customize any canvas or mural to suit your space. Allow 3 days for custom quotes.

  • Will the colors shown on my monitor exactly match how my art arrives?

    The colors on your monitor are very close to the canvas art and murals you will receive, but may differ due to individual monitor and contrast/brightness settings. Our attention to detail and quality drive the creation of the artwork. Every piece is unique, and no two are alike. Please refer to description of the textured finishes Under “Texture Options” If you are ordering a mural, samples will be presented and sign off required prior to processing order.

  • Can we purchase original paintings from the artist?

    Yes, most of the artist who paint for us are well known and maintain websites. For example, you can find Kelly O’Neal’s work is immensely popular.

  • When will I receive my art?

    Since we do not mass produce the canvas or murals, rather each is made to order, the typical lead time is four weeks. If you need the art by a certain date we can expedite your order for 15% upcharge.

  • How heavy is the canvas art?

    The canvas art weighs between 25-40 lbs. No molly bolts are needed for installation. Simple art hooks are fine. Your art comes fully stretched and ready to hang with D-rings – no further preparation is necessary.

  • Can your art be framed?

    Yes. All art, except for outdoor art can be framed. Choose from the FLAT FEE FRAME OPTION: only $150 to frame any size painting, or the custom frames.
    Custom frames are quoted by the “unit inch” of the item – length plus width, multiplied by the cost of the molding. We have sample frames at the store. For personal design help, make an appointment. Corey @ 925.786.2772 or Cschulzdes@Yahoo.com

    Note: Outdoor art may not be framed.

  • Will my oversize painting fit through a standard size doorway?

    Not always. It is best to measure your doorway before placing an order for over size paintings.
    Be sure to measure. We will remind you to do so on your purchase order!

  • Is every canvas art signed by the artist?

    Not every piece is signed. If you have any concerns about your piece being signed, please inquire prior to placing your order. Some of our artists do not offer signatures for giclee prints.

  • If I need help selecting a painting, can you help?

    Yes, we can assist in residential, commercial and hospitality design. Call ahead and we will bring Art Haus books, samples of frames and finishes to your home or office. A trip charge of $150.00 applies. $75.00 credited back when you place your first order. During the launch, locals can take advantage of a free design consult.

  • Does the art come ready to hang with hooks?

    The art comes ready to hang and can be hung directly on drywall; no molly’s necessary.
    Many of the paintings can be hung horizontally, vertically and upside down.

  • How should I care for my giclee canvas painting?

    While printed with light and water resistant inks, it is best to keep canvases from hot and humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Should you canvas get dusty, clean with a feather duster or dry, soft cloth. Avoid getting canvas wet and do not apply solvents. The other option is to opt for an outdoor finish and you can hang it anywhere. Note: Outdoor finishes cannot be framed.

  • Can you refer us to a handyman that can install our painting?

    Yes, we can provide you with our decorators’ assistance service number. You will schedule the installation and pay them directly. Fee runs around $85 depending on how many pieces he installs.
    Upon request, we can mark off your walls with blue tape so the installer knows exactly where to install.