Tips Before Buying

  1. Figure out what you like. If you’re not sure, check out Browse through the different subjects. Are you drawn to contemporary, landscape, figurative, traditional art?
  2. What is the style of your home? Traditional, Modern, Rustic. Compliment your style with a similar theme.
  3. Consider orientation. Do you need a vertical or horizontal painting?
  4. Consider the size you may want. Measure the wall and go for a piece that will make a statement.
  5. What about the color of your painting? What palettes do you like, and what colors are in the room now. You will want to complement the existing color palette.
    Black and White. Blue and Greens, Cool Palette, Earth Tone, Neutrals, Pastels,
    Primary colors, Sepia, a warm palette?
  6. Buying a large canvas artwork is something very few individuals consider when looking to brighten any room. Every wall should offer those looking at it some sort of inspiration and there is no better way to do it and capture attention than to invest in large artwork on canvas. The enhanced size of these pieces will fill your wall and add a little spice to it as well as incredible character.
  7. The walls around the image will no longer appear bare and boring but will instead serve to frame the art itself.
  8. You’ll notice that your large canvas artwork can actually make a room appear larger and enhance the use of space within the confines of even the smallest rooms. Unlike smaller art, this type of canvas art has endless possibilities. Whatever the subject you choose, it can create the atmosphere in the room you want.
  9. With time, your taste in canvas art will become more sophisticated. Choosing one you love will be the most difficult and fun aspect of the shopping process! We want you to come in, see the art, the frames and layered textures before buying. Did you know we have 5 Art Haus Books, and not just what’s on the website? Sure you can buy online, and won’t see it until you get it. We are old school and prefer personal service. Let us know you’re coming, we’ll chill the Domain Chandon.
  10. Wonder why there’s little canvas art out there? It is a fact that a well made, good quality canvas painting is hard to find unless you buy big from a gallery. Art suppliers do not stock large canvas art because of the storage space it takes up and level of demand is relatively low. We want to be your go-to for art. Consider hosting an art event inside our Walnut Creek showroom.
  11. Our canvas art reflect excellent canvas art by REAL artist that you can actually look up! They sell their originals at galleries around the world. We offer the exact same painting with gorgeous colors, textures, framed and SIGNED by the artist for much less. For example $12,000 for the original or $800 for a giclee “textured print on canvas” you can enjoy TODAY. Until your ship comes in, it’s nice to have that option. We want everyone to enjoy beautiful art.

How to Tell a Good Abstract Art form a Bad

When looking a famous abstract painting do you ever think “I could do that”?

If you’re wondering how something so simple can be considered a masterpiece, you’re not alone. It is really as easy as we think or is there true artistic talent behind these works of art? Believe it or not, there’s science proving that there is in fact a difference between a painting done by a professional and random splatters on a canvas. Before trying to recreate a masterpiece hoping to make millions, see what experts have to say as well as what to look for in a professionally done piece.

The Research

A study done by two psychologist shows that statistically people CAN tell an abstract painting done by a professional artist vs a child, chimp, gorilla, elephant, or monkey. Which is surprising considering those monkey’s aren’t half bad. In the study, 72 undergrads [40 psychology and 32 art majors] were asked to determine which painting [shown side by side] was done by an adult artist. Paintings were grouped together by similar attributes such as color and medium. Non-art majors chose the professional painting 65.5% of the time and art majors chose them 67.5% of the time. Researchers concluded “people can recognize that a work is good, but still not like it.”

What to look for in a “good” abstract art
1. Consistency

This refers to the consistency within a painting as well as the consistency of an artist portfolio. If a portfolio is all over the place with a few stunning pieces mixed with low quality work, the artist is either still developing or doesn’t quite know what they’re doing. Same goes for within a single painting. The flow must be consistent from one side of the paining to the other with planned and precise strokes.

2. Color

Colors that don’t mesh well together are a dead giveaway that the artist isn’t a professional unless of course it’s done deliberately in which case it has to be obvious.

3. Texture

Most of the time, good abstract is compiled of layers. There’s typically and underpainting and these layers often create texture.

4. Meaning

All great art has some sort of meaning behind it. Some type of emotion, whether positive or negative gets thrown onto the canvas. There’s thought and planning put into it. You’ll know when an abstract piece is done at random. It lacks personality.

5. Complexity

As an artist completes more and more pieces, they grow and learn new techniques, which is evident in their work. In contrast to what you may think about abstract art, the techniques used in this style [by a professional] cannot be easily replicated.

There are so many different feelings towards abstract art. There are many people that simply don’t understand it, others that think they can replicate it, and of course the abstract artist themselves who put much more time and thought into it than many non-artists realize. Tell us what YOU think?